June 16 – Today I had my first appointment at SenseCity. SenseCity stimulates physical and mental well-being. It’s a center to relax and reduce stress. SenseCity is located in the city center of Breda, but when you walk inside it feels like you’re in Bali (never been there haha, but the interior is inspired by Bali and its nature). The reason I’ve made an appointment is because SenseCity also gives Cryo21 treatments. Cryo21 (cold treatment) is a new and revolutionary method for removal of unwanted fat and cellulites. It’s not that I’m unhappy with how I look like, but I do feel a bit insecure about my upper abdomen. I only had a little talk about the possibilities with Gerrie – she is super kind and really honest about everything you can and can’t expect – and a tour today.
June 20 – Because the treatment is completely safe and harmless, without any kind of side-effects, I decided to try Cryo21. It has been found that low temperatures positively affect the skin and overall body condition. Cryo21 reduces the temperature in the fat cells and creates a thermal shock which helps to dissolve cellulites and fat permanently. Today I had an appointment with Patricia. After filling in a form with general questions and with questions about my body and lifestyle we went to the treatment room. Also this room gave me the feeling I was in some luxury resort somewhere far away from the Netherlands.

The Cyro21 device has a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius, so I thought it would feel very cold when touching my skin. Although, this wasn’t the case. Without getting a very cold feeling, the temperature of the fat cells that are treated will drop to just 8 degrees Celsius. Patricia started with the treatment at the left side of my abdomen. She was very carefully and continuously asked me if she didn’t hurt me (not at all, actually it feels like a good massage haha). After 15 minutes she started at the right side. The treatment took 30 minutes and was completely painless and really relaxing.

On my way home I already felt that my skin felt more tightened. Of course the first thing I did when coming home was checking if I saw some differences. And I really did. The results from the first treatment aren’t mind-blowing but there are significant improvements. Especially at the right side of my belly, I guess Patricia was a bit less careful after she treated my left side, and therefore the treatment at the right side was more efficient.
July 6th I’ve my second treatment. I’m really curious about the results after this treatment, but I’m already happy with the results so far!

June 6th – This morning, I went to SenseCity for the second appointment. Also this treatment didn’t hurt at all and was completely comparable with the first one. I’m very happy with the final results! I’m definitely going to visit SenseCity again for some other treatments!